Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I finally finished our backyard garden.
Heliconias are one of my favourite plants.

A beautiful sunset as viewed from my front door. I'm so lucky to live on the Gold Coast.

The garden looks pretty at night when the lights come on.


I've been dying to make this Swarovski crystal ring. Once again, the beads were purchased from Kiwa in Harajuku. I don't think these crystals and settings are available in Australia, so have a look at the Kiwa website.

The finished product. I love the colour of these crystals.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I made this necklace from the beads I purchased at Kiwa in Harajuku. I was like a kid in a lolly store in this shop. Please visit them if you are ever in the area. If you love beading like I do, you will truly be in awe!

Friday, April 16, 2010


This is one of the many craft books purchased from Okadaya in Shinjuku. I've been dying to make one of the projects from it.
Here's the pattern if you want to try and decipher it.

The finished product.
I made this bag from some of the fabric I purchased from Marunan in Shibuya.

I added this label which complements the fabric perfectly.


I've had this kawaii Japanese fabric for 2 years - finally sewed a dress from it.
I made this cute little button to match.


I made these deco sweets cases recently.
The whipped cream is spac filler mixed with acrylic paint, and the sauce is glass paint.

Minnie Mouse theme.

The cream is simply piped out of a piping bag in the same way as real cream.

Sugarbunnies decorated on an old Bonne Maman jam jar. I'm going to make the whole Suagrbunny series eventually.

You can purchase the cakes and fruit from Ebay, Etsy or Rakuten
You can also purchase the crystals and pearls there as well, but sometimes you can find ok ones at the craft shop.


Did you know that Rilakkuma has his own blog?
I would like this for Mother's Day please.

The English translation for this obento is, "Lunch we'll be so much cuteness" !


I love Japanese magazines. The layout and photography is so stylish and creative. I bought this MORE magazine in Japan.

A cute little lunch bag was included.
This is just one of the many Japanese mags I have at the moment.