Friday, February 15, 2013


 Once we pryed our son out of the shop, we headed off to see the attractions and try some rides.
Throughout the park are these lifesized figures made from Lego. I just thought they were amazing and ingenious. This was a baker enticing customers into the Lego Cafe.

 A diver emerging from the water carrying a water creature of some sort?
It really is a BIG shop.

 An artiste.

The park is divided up into different zones. This was Technic Land, and the ride was similar to the teacup ride at Disneyland.
I thought this ride, Project X looked like it would be a bit of fun. It turned out to be absolutely terrifying! I felt as if I was going to be flung out of the car at each turn. My daughter and I screamed rather loudly the entire ride. We decided to purchase the photo taken of us on the ride. I still laugh everytime I look at it. It has to be the worst photo ever taken of me, squealing with my mouth wide open and my hair all over the place. My husband looks like he is about to vomit and my son is laughing, enjoying the whole affair. Everyone gets much amusement from that photo, but I'm not going to show it here as it's just too embarrasing.

Cute creations everywhere I looked.

Wave Racers ride.
Whoever built this was an Einstein in my opinion!
Next post; Miniland.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Let's go to LEGOLAND!!!!

 My son is the world's biggest Lego geek. He is obsessed with the stuff. He has an enormous room full of Lego. Just when I think he must own every Lego kit ever manufactured, he will find another new one he wants to buy. We decided to book a secret trip to Legoland in Johor Bahru, not far over the border from Singapore. Legoland Malaysia only opened in September 2012, but of course my son already knew all about that, so our attempt at giving him a big surprise was foiled. We had planned on getting on the bus and telling him we were doing a shopping day trip in Malaysia, and then arriving at Legoland. Well, it would have been a good surprise, if all had gone to plan. Anyway, my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just 2 months ago, so knowing he was going to visit Legoland was a happy distraction from all the needles and doctor's visits. Did I mention diabetes is a NIGHTMARE??
We caught a tour bus from the Singapore Flyer. The trip took about 1 hour, but that included going through two immigration checkpoints. Once over the border, the distance to Legoland was not far. It appeared that Legoland was built in the middle of nowhere, but possibly a big housing estate is planned for the area. As it was a weekday, the park was reasonably quiet -just how I like it. In fact, we never had to wait for any rides at all. 
 The first thing I noticed was all the amazing lifesize models made from Lego. I can understand why my son is addicted to Lego - some of the creations were truly ingenious. I couldn't help but stare in wonder at them all. There are certainly some clever Lego builders employed there.
 The big drawcard for my son was the "BIG" Lego store, which sold every Lego kit in production, plus several superceded kits.
He discovered via email that this store sold a big Star Wars kit that is no longer in production. I don't know how many times he emailed Legoland to ensure they put one kit aside for him to purchase when we visited. Thankfully, they did reserve one for him.

This shop is every Lego fan's paradise.
Plenty more photos of Legoland's amazing creations coming up soon.