Sunday, January 8, 2012

MT Tape Stationery Creations

 I can't take credit for these MT tape makes- my daughter created them by recycling cardboard and advertising materials from all the Japanese craft books we own.
 A mini concertina files for storing odds and ends. The folders are old envelopes. The tabs are decorative post it notes from Japan (made by Marks Graphia)
 A pencil case made from the corregated cardboard packaging that comes with the freebies in Japanese magazines.
 Note pad with pages attached by sewing sheets of paper with a sewing machine, and decorated with post it
Little ticket holders.
I think they all turned out rather well, and it's a fun way to recycle paper.


  1. Those are so creative!

    Great work! :)

  2. Lisa your creations are fantastic it would be great fun to craft with you

  3. amazing!!!
    I was always throwing away the box of freebies in Japanese magazine...
    Next time, I want to try!
    I can make little ticket holders soon!!!

    akiko from Japan