Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tokyo Station Character Street - part 2

 Here are the various shops housed at Tokyo Station.  All of them are wonderful.

Rilakkuma is my favourite, and was so with the many other shoppers crammed inside. Anything and everything with Rilakkuma on it was on offer.  Some merchandise is exclusive to this store.
Many TV stations have a merchandise store here, selling their mascots and goods from their shows.
And this was my other favourite store; Dean and Deluca, which is an American gourmet food shop and deli.
I am really in love with this store.
It's filled with delicious food and ingredients, plus some really cute kitchen ware and bags.  There is also a deli section which sells prepared ready to eat food. All of it looked extremely tantalising.  I wanted to buy many of the food in jars, but it would have been too heavy to bring back on the plane.
I did buy some tea and biscuits, and one of these little ramekins just as a souvenir. And it was all packaged and bagged up beautifully. I kept the carry bag of course.
I'll show you how much stuff we purchased in my next post.


  1. The stations in Japan can be a great place to go shopping :)

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  2. Hi, I haven't ever been there, but it looks like a fun place to spend time and buy some stuff ;)
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