Sunday, January 1, 2012

What Santa Brought Me

Happy New Year Everyone.
I received some lovely Christmas husband gave me this ladder (?) still trying to figure out why.
But things got better.  My daughter gave me this adorable sewing kit. I love it so much!

And then, good old Santa Claus read my mind, and left me exactly what I wanted, indulging my addiction to Japanese books and magazines.
I love this craft book, featuring amazing retro projects. It reminds me of the toys I had as a little girl. Smile.

I am definitely going to make these dolls.

I have been searching for this book for years. Luckily for me, it was recenetly re-released.
And yet another retro craft book.

I also received some lovely clothes from Santa.
The only time I get the opportunity to read novels is during the summer holidays.
And lastly, some Cath Kidston coffee mugs. Santa sure was good to me!


  1. Love the sewing kit. It is so adorable.

    Have fun with your projects this year. :)

  2. such cute gifts!
    happy new years

  3. Lisa, I could spend all day on your blog!

  4. ooooo I love that retro book!!

  5. haha so did you figure out why you got the ladder yet??