Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let's go to Harajuku

 Today we met up with our Japanese friends in Harajuku. Harajuku is famous for it's whacky clothing shops nestled amongst some high end fashion houses. There are also many quirky cafes and stores along the little side streets. And best of all, Kiddy Land is there!

The main street is called Omotesando Dori which is a lovely wide avenue lined with beautiful trees. It's another great walking destination.

 In the past, many people would congregate at Harajuku dressed in bizzare outfits with make-up to match. But it seems only a small number still participate in this ritual nowdays.

 This is La Foret, which is a shopping centre devoted to famous Japanese clothing labels, with the odd international name thrown in, such as Kitson.  It also is home to one of my favourite stores, Kiwa Beads. Kiwa is basically a fantasy land of beads and jewellery making supplies, with an enormous range of Swarovski crystals.

 Why buy Swarovski jewellery, when you can just go accros the road to Kiwa Beads and make exactly the same thing for only a few dollars? I once saw a Swarovski pendant costing over $200.00, however the components only cost about $15.00 at Kiwa. Obviously, not all Swarovski jewellery can be replicated, but most of the simple jewellery can be - and it's alot of fun to create your own accessories.

 This is Cat Street. I really love all the little side streets in Tokyo. You never know what little gems you will find. As I was with another family this day, I couldn't go off and explore.  How I would love to have a few days by myself in Tokyo. I could accomplish alot without husband and kids sulking because I found yet another craft/zakka/fashion/cosmetics store! I really do love my family, but sometimes it's just nice to have yourself as company for a while.
So sweet!
Next post - Kiddy Land!


  1. Just added Harajuku to my list of places to check out! ^3^
    Your blog always makes me happy and excited about Japan more! ^^

  2. Harajuku is my favourite place in Japan for people watching and cool Japanese street fashion.

    Japan Australia

  3. i've heard so much about harajuku and shibuya. i reallyreally wanna visit someday (:

  4. Aw, i would love to go shopping there and buy myself something crazy!