Friday, January 20, 2012

Let's Go To Daikanyama! Part 1

 My boys wanted to go to a model train shop out in the suburbs, so my daughter and I went to Daikanyama for the first time. To get there, take the Tōkyū Tōyoko Line from Shibuya - it's only one stop away. Daikanyama is known for its zakka and cake shops, so of course we were going to love it. Japanese seem to have a knack for cute illustrations, as seen on the above menu board.
 As soon as we stepped out of the station, we were met with a gorgeous organic cosmetic store and cafe. I highly recommend taking a map along with you, as the streets are little and windy; not in a grid pattern at all, so it's very easy to become lost.
 You could define a Daikanyama-ite as, "a cute Japanese person who wears funky and offbeat clothes, pushes a stroller with an equally cute baby wearing an adorable outfit, walks a toy poodle on a leash and who enjoys sipping cafe lattes at a French style cafe" There was a distinct similarity amongst the inhabitants. I would like to live here for a while.....

 There are multitudes of lovely clothing stores, which all seem to be unique indie shops. I didn't notice any chain stores. All of them were extremely enticing.

Our first stop was the Aranzi Aronzo store. I have wanted to visit here for years! It just smacks of cuteness.

Japanese stores always display their goods so stylishly I think.

 Zakka stores feature heavily in this town, so I was very happy.
 This was a really sweet zakka store.
 Cocca sells unique hand made fabric and goods.

 Outlet is good for cheap nick naks.
 We had lunch here at the "Le Cordon Bleu" which is a French cafe run by a real Frenchman! They had some cute tote bags for sale here - I now wish I had bought one.

Cabbages and Roses is an English soft goods store. I purchased a piece of linen floral fabric here.

 What I like about these little suburbs is nothing is uniform; each shop and house is so unique. This town is perfect for walking, as there are so many interesting things that catch your attention. I really love the use of dark wood in Japanese architecture.

Look how adorable everything is. You never have to look far to find the next cafe.
More Daikanyama next post.


  1. Hello
    What a beautiful photography!!! You definitely have an eye!!!
    I live in Korea, I love Asia and I dream to visit Japan!!!
    Thank you VERY much for following my blog!!!
    Of course I follow you back!
    Hope we'll keep in touch!!!
    Have a wonderful funny weekend!!!
    Hello from Charlotte's House!!!

  2. I've a burning desire to visit Japan one day. Your photos have made me want to go even more now!
    Daikanyama looks awfully cute, especially all the little stores and cafés <3

    Looking forward to more, hope you have a lovely day.

  3. you are making me jealous! Isn't that aranzi aronzo shop just the coolest :) I love that little shop :)

  4. I love the illustrated menu board, it is the cutest!

  5. In four years living in Tokyo I only made it there once. Next time I'm back, I should make a stop next time I'm back.