Monday, January 23, 2012

Let's Go to Daikanyama - Part 2

I couldn't eat at every cafe, but I wish I had tried out this Chocolate Cafe! Once again, another sweet menu board and pretty little potplants.

Well, I shouldn't grumble, because we did eat something totally scrumptious at the "Le Cordon Bleu" cafe for our lunch.

Here is an example of the cute little dogs that were a common sight around town.
Tsumori Chisato - I have a couple of her bags.

Cath Kidston was the one store I really wanted to visit, as we don't have it in Australia. But, I had an old map and when we got to where I thought the shop should be, it wasn't there. However, we stumbled upon the shop at its new location by chance. Yay!
We wanted to buy a bag each at Cath Kidston, but they were quite expensive - good quality though. Luckily for me, they sold all the fabrics there, so we purchased a few different designs to make our own bags.

Many buildings had a European flair.

 Just cute stuff every which way we turned.

Merceria Pulcina was another store I especially wanted to visit, but they were sadly closed.

 I love whacky softies. These ones are are exceptionally hilarious.

 The last stop for the day was "Cou Cou", which is a store selling lots of things appealling to females, such as: underwear, stationery, homewares, seasonal decorations, softies and nice smelly things. Everything in the store costs 315 yen. These set price stores are extremely popular in Japan, but it is easy to overspend! I, of course stocked up on bits and pieces here- there are plenty of good choices for gifts for girls.

I really enjoyed my day at Daikanyama, but one day is not really enough time to explore all the shops and cafes. It's a great destination for walking, shopping, eating and people watching. I highly recommend Daikanyama, so do visit if ever you are in Tokyo. I'm sure you'd love it too!


  1. the cakes look so yumm!! I live daikanyama :DDD

  2. I will go to Daikanyama tonight!

    akiko from Tokyo

  3. hey meowsypants,
    your blog is kind of loverly jubberly.
    I enjoy your photos uh-lot!

    ex oh ex oh