Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Laduree Tea Room - Ginza - Mitsukoshi Department Store

 Next on the itinerary was the Laduree Tea Room, situated in Mitsukoshi Department Store, Ginza. My daughter and I have wanted to visit Laduree for a long time.
 Window shopping is a real pleasure in Ginza. As I have said many times before, the Japanese have a certain nack for creating displays so artistically. They must be born with the "stylish" gene I think!
 Godiva Chocolates.


Here is the famous Mitsukoshi Department store.
Laduree is located on the first floor.
I was prepared to wait in a long queue, but we were seated immediately. It was truly lovely inside.
My son was apprehensive about eating at Laduree - he thought it would be too girly. But, he soon changed his mind when his meal arrived. Males do think with their stomachs after all.
My daughter and I shared the Tea for Two set. We were able to select two macaroons each, and two biscuits, and one specialty cake.  It also came with sandwiches, orange juice and tea or coffee.

The table was set beautifully, and service was impecable of course. It would have been great to get a window table, as the view of the Ginza crossing was fantastic.

 In total, I think lunch for the three of us cost about 9300 yen, which is very reasonable considering the location and delicious food.
I was very happy that I was able to fulfil a little dream of mine.  It was nice to pretend to be posh for the day.


  1. Hehe, cute~! ^^
    Everything looks so yummy! ^^
    The sweets look delicious! >u<

  2. The biggest problem with food in Japan is that everything is too pretty to eat. I just want to sit there and look at it. :)

  3. Everything looks so beautiful! Those sweet cakes look almost too pretty to eat <3
    I think I want to put visiting Laduree on my bucket list now~

  4. Lovely place!

    How much the damage for a meal there?

  5. Oh I really miss Japan! Such a beautiful place!


  6. I recommend you to go to Salon de Cafe of Shiseido Parlour.
    It is located Ginza Shiseido Building 3F.
    Address is Ginza 8-8-3, Tyuuouku, Tokyo.
    I think you can enjoy there.

  7. Your posts are all very beautiful!!!
    I often go to Laduree at Ginza.
    I love there, too.
    Next Laduree will open at Lumine Shinjuku in this spring!
    I can't wait.

    akiko in Tokyo