Friday, February 10, 2012

Afternoon Tea and Natural Kitchen - Zakka Stores

Shibuya at dusk.

Have you heard of Afternoon Tea; a gorgeous zakka store with branches across Japan? I visited the branch in Mark City, Shibuya.
It smells really divine inside, actually you can smell it from quite a distance away. It offers all the things that us girls love: toiletries, homewares, stationery, clothing, bags and soft toys.

I bought just a few things: peach tea, stickers and a gift card. There were so many pretty things to choose from.

Also located in Mark City, is Natural Kitchen, another zakka store, but also a 100 yen store.
 It's easy to go a bit nuts in yen stores.
 Lots of cute kitchen items, as well as craft stuff.

 Everything is little and sweet.

If you are looking for little gifts to take back home, then these are a good place to go to.


  1. Afternoon Tea sounds like a lovely store!! (i'm such a fan of the name - too cute!) wish we had it here, too. siiigh. we never get anything quite as cool/cute as japan or even singapore. rotten, rotten. D:

  2. I love Shibuya it is always lively and there is something going on :)

    Japan Australia

  3. Japan is so nice!! ^^
    All the stores sound so nice and everything you can buy is also lovely!

  4. The peach tea sounds lovely, and the packaging itself is so pretty!
    The 100 yen stores look amazing, some of the stuff you have there retails much higher on places like eBay :(

  5. *add Afternoon Tea shop* on my to-go list when visiting Japan!
    Lovely stuff!