Friday, February 3, 2012

More on Harajuku,

 After Kiddy Land, we went in search of food, and found some interesting sights along the way. As I stated previously, always venture down the little side streets in Tokyo, where you will get many glimpses of indie shops and restaurants. Most of the international brand name stores are located on the main streets, and they're nice too, but if you want to see something uniquely Japanese, then the side streets are where you should explore.
 I did say unique, didn't I?

What a novel idea to decorate a restaurant entrance. The cuteness just never ends in Tokyo!

Pretty gardens and greenery everywhere in Harajuku.

 La Droguerie is a French craft store that I had always wanted to shop at. It was really pretty inside, selling some gorgeous yarns in vibrant colours. As I had already bought lots of craft supplies already, I decided to buy just a few beads. Now, this is totally my own fault as I had read on other blogs that this shop was very expensive, but I just grabbed a few little beads and didn't look at the price, just assuming a few beads wouldn't add up to much. But, when the shop attendant told me the price - 6250 yen, I was a bit shocked, as that equates to $76.00 Australian dollars. As she had already wrapped the beads all nicely, I was too embarrassed to say I didn't want to buy them any more.
As you can see, they are just plastic and glass beads and I bought so few. So that will teach me to look at prices in future. And then, when I went to Asakusabashi the next day, I saw identical beads for a much lower price. So, maybe just window shop if you ever go to La Droguerie.
Lastly, thanks so much to all my new followers for joining my blog, and leaving such nice comments. It is great to make new friends on the other side of the world, and I really enjoy reading your blogs and looking into daily life in other countries. Sometimes, I really do want to rant about various things, but reading such friendly comments encourages positivity in me.


  1. Those were expensive beads you had to pay for. Yeah, definitely wise to check the prices before buying but sometimes we forgot to do that.

  2. I didn't know La Doroguerie.
    Your blog will help many people!
    Thank you!

    I am glad that you also use a jug as flowervace!

    akiko in Tokyo

  3. Oh goodness, that little restaurant with the pot and kettles? entrance looks absolutely darling! If I were walking past I'd go inside for sure ^^
    The beads are pretty but it's a pity they cost quite a bit~

  4. Japannnn <3 I love your journey about Tokyo ^^
    That restaurant is really cute with the hanging pots and kettles :D
    That craft shop La Droguerie sounds heaven, since I love to do DIY!


  5. Now i have made up my mind to go to Tokyo the moment I get the chance. Looks like a fabulous place to go with a couple girlfriends!!