Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I love the Raffles Hotel Gift Shop, and I always stop by whenever I am in Singapore. There are so may beautiful things in this shop that make lovely souvenirs, plus plenty of objects to decorate your home. I purchased these vintage style suitcase travel labels. I love Asian things from this era.

I think it would have been an interesting time to travel around the far east.

Gorgeous beaded photo frame.

Some replica botanical prints to go with the ones I bought on my last trip. They look fabulous in frames.

A Singaporean tiger. Apparently they were once native to Singapore.

Greeting cards which I will frame as well.

Vintage travel advertising posters.

This is the wonderful gift shop interior ( pic from Raffles website) You can even buy their products online, but it's much more fun to go to the actual store, so you can have afternoon tea at their cafe as well !

The hotel lobby. I want to live here.
It may be cliche, but you really must visit the Raffles Hotel if you are in town. You won't be disappointed.


  1. wooohhh that's a long of lovely stuffs. being a Singaporean myself I've actually never walked into Raffles hotel before... only just pass by :P

    but glad that you like the place :)

  2. Do go and visit Raffles, as it really is beautiful.

  3. did you drink Singapore Sling at Raffles hotel?

  4. have you been to Chinatown? :)

  5. Hi, can anyone direct me to where I can buy the poster in the Raffles gift shop depicting what looked like a british group of tourist landing in Singapore, where some locals await them with fruit and things to sell. Or the name of the artist?