Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I hope you enjoy browsing through this selection of goods purchased from Orchard Road.
Some extremely cute books about a girl who is only 150cm tall!

Some travel and shopping guides for my next trip to Japan.........

A wonderful clay sweets book. The author's blog is on my blog roll, so take a look.

Is it possible to learn a foreign language fast? I guess I'll find out!

Delectable French pastry scrapbooking kit and stickers. Do you see a theme occuring here?

More patisserie delights - note paper set and magnets. I do love my cakes!

Sweet stamp set.

You are never too old for toys (well, that's what I keep telling myself)

My favourite foods: French and Japanese.

Takashimaya is full of cute stationery. Can you believe it? Macaroon bears and rabbits.

Sweets deco tape. It's almost as if someone can read my mind.

Another gorgeous clay sweets book. Can't wait to start some of these projects.

Pretty little stickers.

Patisserie note cards.
Orchard Road is a fantastic place to spend an entire day, eating, shopping and people watching.


  1. wow what a list :D love the sweet stuff too! ^^

  2. i bought the first two books too~!!! in fact i have almost every book illustrated by the author!

  3. May I know where you bought the re-ment at?