Monday, July 5, 2010


Directly across the road from the Marriott is the Pavillion mall, which is a huge and very stylish shopping centre. It houses all the high end fashion names, but also lots of more affordable shops, such as Gap and Forever 21. On the ground floor, there is the wonderful gastronimically delightlful "Food Republic" food court, which offers every cusine under the sun, including my favourites, Toast Box for Kaya toast and Beard Papa, a Japanese cream puff outlet. I tried the satay in a cup twice because I loved it so much.
Everything here looked so yummy, but there are only so many meals per day. Eating out is so cheap in Malaysia.

Forever 21 had some great buys and even some in my size! I wish we had this store in Australia. We ended up buying quite a bit of clothing and jewellery here.

Kawaii snack

Hilarious Alice in Wonderland display.

I bought this funky canvas from "Oriental Art", and also the Peranakan cup below. They sold lots of other beautiful objet d'art, but most were too heavy to take home.

We found a shop selling all Japanese products - mainly nick nacks and cosmetics. There was also a Sasa cosmetic shop, and the Watson Pharmacy also sold Japanese Kate and Shiseido make up, which are my favourites.
I also bought loads of clothes from Gap, most of which I got at 1/2 price. I would definitely recommend this mall as a very enjoyable place to shop and eat.

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  1. You really love Kawaii Japanese stuff;) Thanks for coming and leaving a comment on my blog! Hope I can show you more about Japan!