Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today we took a break from shopping for a few hours and visited the Peranakan Museum. The Peranakan culture is the result of marriages between Chinese immigrants and indiginous Malays in Singapore and Malaysia.

This museum houses some wonderful artefacts donated by Peranakan families.

Intricate gold bridal headdress.

Gold tiffin carriers.

Very ornate furniture.

A bridal suite. Apparently the bride and groon did not see each other until they met in the bridal bed for the first time! That could be slightly terrifying. Also, a young boy had to roll across the bed several times to increase the chances of the first born being a boy.

The Peranakans are reknown for their intricate emroidery and bead work. These skills were highly sought after in a future bride.

Peranakan wedding outfits.

I love the colours of Peranakan porcelain.

This is what their babies wore.

A traditional kitchen.

Beaded slippers in the making.

Gorgeous kebayas.

Do stop by this wonderful museum located on Armenian Street. Entry includes a guided tour. It's a very interesting way to learn of Singapore's past heritage and multiculturalism.


  1. It looks like a really interesting museum. The wedding outfits are stunning, such incredible craftmanship!

  2. Hi Polly. You must go there if you ever get the chance to go to Singspore.