Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today my friend and I took our kids to Universal Studios, which is situated on Sentosa Island. Somehow, both the taxi drivers we hired had never heard of Universal Studios, and drove us around in circles for an extra 20 minutes. Considering Universal Studios is newly opened, I would think most Singaporeans would have heard of it. But that aside, we did get there eventually.

Something worth knowing, you must purchase your entry ticket online - you cannot purchase them at the gate. This system is to limit the amount of entrants, which is an excellent idea. Once inside, show your ticket to customer service and you will receive a $5 voucher for food and $5 to spend in any gift shop.

A large section of the park is under shade cloth, which makes it much more pleasant to walk around in the Singapore heat.

The park is divided up into different themes: Hollywood, New York City, Madagascar, Shrek Land, Star Trek, The Mummy and Jurasic Park. The park isn't huge, but certainly big enough to spend an entire day. Some of the queues for the rides were extremely long - up to 75 minutes, so we didn't have time to go on all the ones we wanted to.

We had lunch here at Mel's Diner, which is a replica of a 1950's hamburger cafe. Our meals only cost $5.00 per person with our vouchers! Burgers, fries and soft drink.

For a newly opened park, the gardens look so established - beautiful and lush like the rest of Singapore.

We all went on the Merry- Go- Round. I rode on the giraffe - it's a wonder it didn't break under the strain!

Shrek's Castle which houses a short Shrek film in 3D with motion theater seats.

The main roller coaster which is absolutely enormous, and spans half the park, is permanently closed. Apparently when they did a trial run, the crash test dummies fell out! What a shame - it's a very impressive roller coaster. There are still 2 other roller coasters however.
The Water World stunt show was also impressive. The stunts were quite amazing. We did get drenched when we got caught in a tropical downpour, but that's to be expected in Singapore. On the way out, there's a Hershey's Chocolate store, selling masses of sweets. I ended up buying a big bag full. So if you are in town, be sure to set aside a day to visit this theme park. It's a fun and memorable day out.

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