Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today we flew from KL to Singapore. This was my 7th trip to Singapore, so I must love it. We stayed with my dear school friend from Melbourne who now lives in Singapore. Our first night was spent in Chinatown which is an interesting place to wander around. There is a bit of junk for sale, but I was still able to find many lovely things.

I bought a selection of sample sized purfumes, mainly for the bottles.

There are plenty of shops like the one above, selling replica Chinese antiques and nick nacks.

This store was particularly lovely.

Lots of quirky pieces of artwork.

I selected this one.

A pretty lantern in my favourite colour.

An unusual tea pot for my collection.

Remember these from the 70's? I bought one for nostaligic reasons.

Singapore Girl doll.
There are lots of delicious food options in Chinatown too. We ate from a hawker stall, which you just can't beat for price and flavour.


  1. I love all those treasures that you found! My good friend is from Singapore so I really want to visit. After seeing your photos, I want to go even more!

  2. Yes, you must go. The shopping and food is fantastic-I'll be blogging about the rest of my Singapore trip soon.