Friday, January 27, 2012

Shibuya - an assortment of images.

The famous Shibuya crossing, or scramble, as it is sometimes called.
This is the view from our hotel elevator, and the best spot to watch the scramble. I could watch it for ages. I describe it as a sea of humanity, just trying to cross the road.

 This is the view from our hotel room - rather spectacular, don't you think?

 I love everything about Shibuya; the sights, the smells, the sounds, the food, the people and of course, the shopping. Mmmm, the aroma of yakitori cooking is the first thing you notice. The sounds are just a cacophony of sales pitches being yelled through  megaphones, music from the huge video screens and traffic. It really is a sound quite unique to Tokyo. Also, the smells wafting from the many cosmetic stores is wonderful - I love Japanese make up and beauty care products- they smell divine.
If you have ever been to Shibuya, you will know what a fabulous town it is for just strolling and people watching. You can feel the excitement of the city as soon as you step onto the street. If you are a foreigner, the fashions of the locals will astound you. Tokyoites, especially in Shibuya, have a certain sense of style. They have a unique flair for off beat dressing. The clothing co-ordinations would look ridiculous on anyone else, but on these people it just looks amazing. Many foreigners try to emulate their dress code, but it never seems to fit in quite the same way. They really know how to put an outfit together!
I love all the winding little laneways. It's such fun to just ramble along, taking different turns, never knowing what is around the corner. I could walk for hours admiring the gorgeous window displays - so artistic and unique. Presentation is everything in Japan.

You will see these lanterns all over Tokyo. I love the ambience they produce.

 Look what I found! Beaded cakes!  They were displayed in the window of a chocolate shop in Mark City.

 I recognise them from the Beads Mania range.
I must try and display my beaded cakes as beautifully as these.
Have I enticed you to visit Shibuya for yourself yet??


  1. Some great pictures Lisa, Shibuya is great for the Shibuya Crossing and for fashion with the famous Shibuya 109 the 10 level fashion emporium.

    Japan Australia

  2. The view from your hotel room is awesome! :)

  3. Wow~!! I've always wanted to visit Shibuya! (Japan in general!)
    This makes me want to go even more!! ^^

  4. Hi, Lisa!
    I live near Shibuya and often go there.
    Powerful city!!!
    I like Shibuya taken photo by you!

    akiko from Tokyo

  5. Shibuya looks so vibrant and amazing! I definitely want to go one day. I think it's time to start saving up~

    The beaded cakes are absolutely darling <3

  6. I almost always go by Shibuya whenever I am in Tokyo for business... very energetic place it is...

  7. wonderful photos! im actually going back to Japan this summer (hopefully) and I'll be visiting Tokyo this time! I can't wait! your shibuya pictures are making me so excited!!!! <3 your description of the smells, sounds, tastes, i can't wait to experience it myself! also, thank you for linking my blog, ill be sure to link you as well, love your blog posts!