Friday, January 6, 2012

First Avenue Tokyo Station - Part 1

We managed to get all our crap onto the shinkansen and settled ourselves for a relaxing trip back to Tokyo. I watched out the window for the entire trip, but I still did not spy Mt Fuji.  I've been to Japan twice, and have yet to see it.  My son had been counting the days until he could visit the Lego store at Tokyo Station, and he did not let us forget it.  So even though I felt terribly ill, I still promised to take him there. So, we dashed back to our hotel in Shibuya to deposit our luggage, and then caught a train into Tokyo. I was desperate to lie in bed, but being the good mother I am, just washed my face and gathered all my remaining energy  to go and buy Lego.
Somehow, the Japanese seem to be able to build all these fantastic underground cities, filled with fabulous shops and eateries. And Tokyo Station 1st Avenue is yet another example. According to their floor guide, "The avenue connected Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station has restaurants, cafes and variety of shops for souvenirs such as sweets, fashion and characters goods"

Tokyo Character Street consists of shops each dedicated to a particular brand or character.  These include: Tomica, Plarail, NHK, Snoopy, Rascal, Kapibarasan, Lego and my favourite Rilakkuma!
Of course, we headed to the Lego shop first.
I know I am too old for toys, buy it's as if a spell is cast over me and I start longing to buy everything in sight.
The Kappybara store was extremely cute.
I have lots of little boys in my family, so it was easy to find them all a little gift at the Tomy shop. I really like Tomy products too for some reason.
By this stage of the night, I was literally shaking from my illness. So I was glad to sit down to eat and drink. We had our dinner at a restaurant, it's name I can't recall, but it was maybe similar to a German Beer Hall.
It was a large, lively restaurant offering a large variety of dishes.  There were many people eating there with workmates and having alot of fun.  I had wanted initially to eat at one of the many ramen cafes in Toyko Ramen Street, but there were so many people waiting out front of each one, and I was not prepared to wait due to my sickness.
Anyway, this beer hall was really nice, and the prices were reasonable. We had: Japanese curry,
potatoes and chicken karaage,
omlette and prawns
and noodles.

 Then it was back to browsing the shops.

Domokun always cracks me up. I love his crazy face.

lots more pictures for you next post.
In the meantime, have a look at
I highly recommend this destination if you have children or need to buy souvenirs to take home. There are also many Japanese sweets stores as well as clothing and accessory stores and a book store - something for everyone really.


  1. Hi Lisa!
    I loved this post!
    I fell in love with your blog. I am a huge pretension to decorate the Lundby doll house as a typical house of a modern Japanese family. I think your blog will help me in this difficult task.

  2. Oh dear. Being sick during a trip is sure no fun! You were such a trooper to soldier on, taking your Son to the Lego shop!

  3. For Lego you got to check out the Outlet malls like Jazz Dream in Nagashima or Toki in Gifu. They have a huge range of stuff ant discounted prices. We always manage a visit when in Japan for our little one.

    Japan Australia

  4. TOkyo Character street is the first place I will be visiting when I head to Japan again!

  5. definitely miss tokyo!!!! such a happy place :)....I usually don't put interfacing on my bags...I just use an unbleached canvas...they're usually pretty cheap here :)