Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Australia-Part 3

Is everyone sick of eating leftover turkey, chicken and ham?
Here are some examples of gift wrapping tecniques I tried this year. I used boxes with lids so the wrapping could remain intact, and so I can reuse the boxes year after year.
For my box, I made a poinsettia from felt, and used a tape measure ribbon.  I thought the ribbon was appropriate for me, seeing how I use one regularly,   The ribbon is from Typo by the way.  I found the paper at a florist shop.

I made this cute little rosette using strips of paper. For the white paper I used a decorative lacy punch. The paper is simply folded concertina style and fashioned into a circular shape.

I had alot of fun wrapping these.  Now it is time to face the big clean up, and start cooking for our New Years Eve party.


  1. Just found a great recipe for left-over turkey and ham. It is a namaharumaki (rice paper rolls) and they are delicious.

    Japan Australia

  2. Wonderful precision and detail for each gift. Thanks for sharing

  3. Hope you had a (belated) merry merry christmas... your pool looks very nice...

  4. Lovely wrappings. I bet those who received it would keep the boxes well because they are so lovely. :)

  5. Your gifts look so pretty! I love how you put so much thought and time into wrapping each gift. I'm sure the recipients will love them!