Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh my girl! Drama

OMG! i love this drama! , watch it on my soju

oh my girl! is the lastest japanese tv show by hayami mokomichi(absolute boyfriend), plays Kotarou Yamashita has an average life and hopes to become a big time writer one day, meanwhile he works for "kani books" publishing. Hinako Oozora is a famous actress who is his half sister. Sakurai Ann is the famous child star daughter of hinako who is set to live with kotarou as hinako goes off to Hollywood.

kotarou's world turns upside down when ann comes into his life, but the twist is he will have to keep the secret that sakurai ann and hinako are mother and daughter and also the fact ann is living with him!

with the help of ann's manager Mineko fuji, and ann's silly dog biwa will anyone find out the truth?

you should totally checkout this drama it's so funny and cute! search it on my

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