Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two weeks on the couch

Over the last school holidays, I spent 2 weeks on the couch following ankle surgery. I was able to make a few things I've had planned for ages. Above is a little bag for my niece.
I also made her a cute headband.

This one cracks me up. A Starbucks iced coffee made from Swarovski crystals! I found the bead kit on Rakuten Borderless after searching for 3 years after I saw it in the Japanese bead magazine "Friend". It even comes with coffee scent which you drop inside the completed cup. The Japanese think of everything. I also made a slice of chocolate cake and added a resin cream swirl. This was given to my sister for her recent 40th birthday.

A cute little kimono made from a chirimen craft kit. I love the colours.

This is supposed to be a New Year decoration. We got the idea from a display in the Liz Lisa shop in Macau. We secretly took a photo of it. I think it turned out quite well. I handmade all the decorations.

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