Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I made this shoulder bag which came in kit form with a Cath Kidston craft book.
I love Cath Kidston fabric - so old fashioned and English.

This bag and purse came with the Anteprima Mook.

The Mook contains all Anteprima's latest products. I especially love their "shoeses"!

How about spending 294,000 yen for their My Melody bag?

I love this one - Handmade Shops in Japan Guide...do I love anything more?

I'm definitely going to visit these shops during my next trip.

La Droguerie is definitely on my list.

Look at all that cute fabric and craft supplies. Why can't we buy all this in Australia?


  1. Lisa, I always look for the little themes that are weaved together in daily life. I think it is the sweetest thing that you appeared as a new follower on my blog the very day my title was "the road to a friends house is never long"! ~ So true(even from Queensland to Chicago)! :) I'm now following your creative blog also! Thanks for stopping by!
    God bless you!

  2. *sigh*...yup, japan always have a cute fabric pattern n quality, in here the price is so high for cotton fabric from japan...
    by the way, wanna say hi... :)


  3. Hi Lisa! Yes it is really snowing here! Not today though. Sunny today but very cold...supposed to be in the single digits tomorrow! Wish I had your weather!
    I love the thought of having friend in Australia! So fun! I love the way God made our paths come together!

    Thank you also for joining my blog and for your comments! p.s..I used to live in the gold coast too...(but not in Australia ~ in Chicago!) :)