Sunday, June 26, 2011

How to make a Swarovski Pendant

 Have a try at making this pendant. It's quite easy, just a little fiddly.
 You will need the following Swarovski stones, plus settings in gold:
#4470 12mm Cyclamen oapl - x1
#1028 SS39 Crystal - x1
 #4320 18x13mm Amethyst - x1
#4320 14x10mm Montana - x1
 #4120 14x10mm White oapl - x1
 Place the stones in their settings, and bend over prongs.
 Swarovski pearls #5810 white 10mm x2, 6mm x3, 5mm x2
Bronze 8mm x1, 6mm x2, 5mm x1
swarovski #5000 6mm Amethyst x2, 4mm Montana x3
3mm clear crystal montees set in gold x6
tiny gold seeds
clear nylon thread (fishing line is good)
x2 gold filigree base plates
 Attach stones to one base plate with nylon thread.
 Then attach the montees

Finally, fill in the gaps with the beads and pearls using a gold seed looped through at the top end of each.

Attach the other base plate to the back of the first to conceal the threads.
Lastly, add a stylish chain with 2 split rings - about 70cm of chain is required.
Tres chic!

All items were purchased from  You will need to use Tenso Forwarding service as well, as Kiwa do not post internationally.  You may be lucky enough to find a few of the beads in Australia, but you won't find the stones with settings, so it is easier to buy everyting from Kiwa.  Alternatively, fly to Japan and purchase from the actual store - it's so much more fun!! (purchase excess baggage kilos beforehand)


  1. Easy? You made it look easy but you can give me an entire box of beads and I wouldn't know what to do with them.

    The pendant is gorgeous! You are REALLY talented. Silly question but do you own a shop to sell all your wonderful stuffs?

  2. Hi Hevn. I don' t sell my creations as I give them to family and friends as gifts. If I didn't work fulltime I might try selling them. Lisa

  3. the pendant you made is really pretty! I don't think I have the patience to make handmade jewelry hehe :P

  4. You are so talented! That is gorgeous. =D

    (Thank you for following my blog!)

  5. You don't sell them?

    /sniff sniff

    But they are so pretty..

  6. You hace such a nice blog..! and very good ideas, you're an artist!
    Nice to meet you!