Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Does This Look Like Mameshiba???

 My son has a Japanese friend at school, whose mum makes him delicious bento boxes for lunch each day.  My son thought his dry ham and cheese sandwich he was given every day was not satisfactory, thus I was instructed to make a Japanese lunch instead.  This is a little more time consuming than the old sandwich, but my kids devour their lunch now (as opposed to bringing home half their lunch).
 Well I guess this resembles Mameshiba somewhat.
And here is the first bento I made - nice and simple.  I must say, it is fun creating cute characters from rice.  I don't know how the bento will go sitting in the school bag when the hot Queensland summer arrives.


  1. Your bento is so cute! I'm sure your son must have loved his lunch :D

  2. You are skillful!I seem to be very delicious (ʘั Ϙ ʘั )

  3. Ahhh the bentoo looks soo cute en deliciouss! <3

  4. TOOOO cute!!! :D :D :D i absolutely love bento! please do more (: