Thursday, September 1, 2011


The Laduree teahouse is located in Mitsokoshi Department store, Ginza.  Laduree is ichiban in the world of French Patisseries.  Have a look at the tearoom. I want to live there.  The decor is so posh.

I already know what I am going to order.  Plus I will be indulging in a little take away box of macaroons or two.  And, they also sell bags and purfume - could it be any more perfect? So purrty.

Apparently, the wait to get a table is about one hour, so my daughter and I are going to take turns waiting in the queue whilst the other browses the lovely objects in Mitsukoshi.  My son is not going to like! But us girls have our hearts set on lunching here, and once he has a cake in his mouth, he'll be happy.


  1. The place is indeed dreamy. Us girls sure love places like that. Cant picture my husband or son willing to queue up with me though. ;p

  2. It is a very luxurious tea room!
    There is in Ginza. I want to go this time if there is an opportunity.