Friday, June 1, 2012


Uniqlo have some gorgeous items in stock at the moment, so I had to get me some.
Laura Ashley T-Shirt.

 MT Tape tops - just like the tape only bigger.
 I love this polka dot one.

Laura Ashley scarf.
Clothes in Australia at the moment seem to be really dark and drab, but I much prefer these colourful pretties. You can shop online if you live in Australia, but you'll need to use a forwarding service for the freight.


  1. wow the MT tapes tops are so cute!! I have to go to check out UNIQLO next time :D

  2. This is even nicer than the items we have in Uniqlo in Tokyo! ^^ I'll definitely have to pop in to see if our stores also stock this.

  3. I'm am now turned off from Uniqlo despite liking them for years. Now that they have like a dozen stores in Malaysia, it's no fun to be wearing the same stuff as others do! xD

    Last year, just a few of my colleagues now what's a Uniqlo is. Now everyone does. Boo!

  4. I like colourful items too.
    But Japanese often have subdued color clothes.
    Keep it up!Uniqlo!

  5. wonder if I could get those here in the states! really love that rose print shirt!

  6. kitson T-shirt is so cute!!!
    I don't have UT shirt yet, because when I go to a shop, there aren't my size.
    Your collection are all great!


  7. oo, i find pale florals to be cute but grown up!

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  8. I love all the cute patterns!