Saturday, August 25, 2012

We are the mighty mighty Hawks

I don't normally like watching sport, mostly due to my lack of sportiness. But when it comes to
football, I turn into a fanatical monster. The football I follow is AFL (Australian Rules Football League) and my team is Hawthorn, as that is the suburb 4 generations of my family lived in.

Today's match was against Sydney who are (were) the top team on the AFL ladder, with Hawthorn placed second. We played quite poorly in the begining and were still losing in the last minute, but by some miracle Hawthorn kicked 2 goals literally just before the final siren.

If you want to see what I am jibbering on about, have a look here. You can watch a short video summary of the match.

So now Hawthorn is at the top of the ladder and most likely will be in the Grand final, which is next month.
Don't laugh, but I was so stressed in the last minutes thinking we were going to lose, that my blood pressure was through the roof. Really, I measured it on my blood pressure machine!


  1. I confess that I was a bit confused. Initially I thought football = soccer. Then I noticed it's "Australian League Football". So I had to Google that.

    Oh! It's not rugby, it's not football, it's kind of in between but played with an oval ball?

    This Sow Effrican rugby fan enjoyed reading this post. I never even knew about footy! ;)

  2. Hi, Lisa!!!
    Very great post!
    My son is soccer player in his school club.
    Is it same mean football and soccer?