Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sakura Bag

I made this bag for my daughter's Japanese teacher as a "thank you for being my school teacher" gift. Four more weeks, then my daughter will have finished school. How is it possible that 12 years of schooling has passed? It's hard to imagine when your child is a newborn, that time will pass so quickly. But the education is not entirely over - there is still university next year. That's when all the fun begins! (not for me - I have to pay the uni fees)
On a completely different topic, I went for a walk this evening on the road and saw a snake in the gutter. I loathe snakes. I don't like any animal that is not cute and fluffy. Yes, Australia has alot of venomous creepy crawlies. I guess that's to be expected considering I live near a conservation park and golf course. On the plus side, there are many kangaroos in my area too and in my children's primary school, there were quite a few koalas that lived in the school gum trees. Hate reptiles - love koalas.


  1. How come my students' mothers never give me such nice presents? Hmph.

    It's lovely!

    I wish your daughter lots of fun and lots of success at university. Oh, and for you, lots of sympathy with the fees!

    You Aussies have some of the most poisonous snakes in the world, don't you? Take care!

  2. the sakura fabric is sooooo precious! im sure the teacher appreciated that gift!