Sunday, February 2, 2014


When I used to eat pasta, I always felt bloated and queasy afterwards, which makes me wonder why I even ate it. Pasta itself is pretty bland, so it is the sauce which holds all the flavor. Don't you think all those frozen low fat pasta meals look so unappetizing?

To make almost zero carb healthy pasta, simply substitute zucchini. You can use a vegetable spiraler to create spaghetti threads, or a vegetable shredder device (it looks like a potato peeler with lots of serrations on the blade - got one from Daiso)  Then just blanche the shreds in boiling salted water, just for about 1 minute or else it will become soggy.  Top with your favourite pasta sauce and cheese. It's a fresh and flavoursome way to make pasta without shooting up your blood glucose levels. Remember that real pasta is just glucose molecules linked together - not good for you at all.

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