Monday, January 25, 2010


Macaroons - the box is sweet too !

Milk tea Kit Kat

Cute box of chocolates

More chocolates

Everything is beautifully packaged.

Lunch at Tokyu Hands cafe

Beads Mania Bead kits

Tokyu Hands was next on the agenda. This is another wonderful department store sellings an assortment of things for the home, with a huge variety of DIY products. I purchased some stickers and cards and was very excited to find a whole range of Beads Mania bead kits. I was going to visit the Beads Mania store in Nihonbashi, but didn't have time in the end, so luckily I could buy them here. This store sells alot of craft items and beautiful stationery. They also have a large Japanese souvenir department where I bought all these lovely boxes of sweets. This store has a tax refund department for tourists, so remember to bring your passport along. Credit cards are accepted, and there are other branches around Tokyo.

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