Monday, January 25, 2010


We have just retuned home from a trip to Tokyo. I don't know if anyone actually reads my blog, but I thought I would diarise my adventures, even if it is just for me to look back on the happy memories. What can I say about this wonderful country that hasn't been said before ? We loved everything about this city: the people, the shops, the food, the fashion and the electric atmosphere. It was all I had anticipated, and so much more. The people were positively lovely - such manners and humbleness as I have never encountered. I have to say, the people were the best thing about Japan. Coming in at close second was the shopping. Every store was visually enticing, from the products to the imaginative displays. Whatever you want to buy, you can find it in Tokyo, and it will be the most beautiful and the best quality. And despite my blog's title, it isn't just a girl's paradise, there's plenty on offer for the boys too. (Well, half my family is of the male variety) This is definitely a place we will be retuning to again.

On to the logistics... we travelled on Jetstar which does flights directly out of our little Gold Coast airport to Tokyo- very convenient for us. The flight was great and of course passing through Japan's customs and immigration was too. We caught the Limousine Bus from the airport which took us directly to our hotel, the Tokyu Excel in Shibuya. The trip was a little over an hour. We had a quad room, which had 2 single beds and 2 king single beds. Naturally mum and dad had the larger beds. Our room had a table and chairs in the centre and the toilet, shower and vanity were all in separate rooms which was very convenient for a family of 4. My bedside window directly overlooked the famous Shibuya crossing and Shibuya 109. We loved just looking out of the window watching the world go by.

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