Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I have a SMALL addiction

I've tried to beat my addiction to Japanese magazines, but I just keep relapsing.

If anyone would like to see what's inside any of these, leave a comment.

Also, for any Australians, Jetstar is having a sale on flights to Japan - so cheap - so get on your laptop and book one now! I'm going in a few months time. So happy!


  1. i swapped out my magazine addiction for a fashion blog addiction. it's much cheaper.

  2. Hi Lisa, thank you for commenting in my blog or I would never have found your blog. I LOVE IT! I spent hours reading your post and admiring your beadworks, how you do those is beyond me. Seriously!

    Love love your blog, keep it up!

  3. I contribute my beuty comics to GLOW magazine everymonth!
    The chief editor had dinner with me.
    I posted about it.
    I am glad you like Japanese magazine!
    Thank you!!!

  4. Ahh, you actually got two bags the L'est Rose and the little green bag from Spring that I was eying!

    The green one was so pretty but looked a little small and the L'est Rose was too expensive for me. I see that you have better selection there than in Singapore.

    But anyway you got better looking bags than the one I did from More so it's not a necessary must get. ARGHH! I want to go to a Kinokuniya now!

    I pity myself Penang has none of this.. *sobs*