Thursday, November 3, 2011


The gardens of Ginkaku-ji are positively divine.  Gardeners keep the grounds in an immaculate condition; pruning and sweeping all day long.

But even the untouched parts of the garden are just so beautiful too. There is something magical about the soft moss amongst the trees. There were many grave stones in amongst the hills. It was just the start of autumn, so the leaves hadn't turned yet. I would love to see it during the late autumn season.
Walking through these grounds was so serene and peaceful, despite my ever increasing aches and pains from the cold that was brewing in my body.
I LOVE Japanese water features. I have tried to make my own bamboo water feature in my back garden, but it doesn't look quite as nice as this one.
The view from the high hills in Ginkaku-ji was spectacular.
More souvenir shops.  I did buy a few Ginkaku-ji trinkets from here.
More lovely garden features out the front of some restaurants.

How can something so simple look so beautiful?
I highly recommend Ginkaku-ji if you are ever in Kyoto. It is a UNESCO World heratige site. It was built by Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa as a retreat from the civil war in 1482. It was meant to be painted silver, but never was. Still, it called the Silver Pavillion. It amazes me that a building so old is still standing and in perfect condition. It is so relaxing to walk through the grounds and admire the meticulously kept gardens. This site is highly recommended by me,
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  1. I remember walking through that part of the garden with all that beautiful moss!

  2. These Kyoto posts are timely as I am going there next month. Any recommendations on where to go?

  3. Loving all your amazing photos of Japan!