Friday, November 4, 2011


I have wanted to visit the Hello Kitty Koubou for some years now. I know I'm too old to  love Hello Kitty, but something about this shop really enticed me.  It is housed in what appears to be a traditional machiya - a lovely wooden building. All the products for sale are in a Kyoto or traditional Japanese style.
 The flooring is tatami mats, so I had to remove my shoes before entering. Everything was displayed attractively.
 Merchandise included: plushies in kimono, geisha style bags and furoshiki, make up cases, stationery and jewellery.
My main goal was to purchase a plushie, which I did along with a couple of laminated shopping bags, furoshiki and note pads.

If money was no object, I would have bought alot more. As you can see, it was all very desirable. Husband and son waited patiently for my daughter and I to make our purchases. It's only a small shop, but do give it a visit if you are going to Ginkaku-ji.

How to get there: as you are leaving Ginkaku-ju heading west along Ginkaku-Ji Michi, cross over Tetsugaku-no-Michi (Path of Philosophy) and it is on the second street on the left. You should be able to see it straight away. There is a stone statue of Hello Kitty out the front.  Hello Kitty fans will love this quaint and sweet little shop.


  1. We are never too old to love Hello Kitty! xD

  2. i missed it when i was in ginkakuji!!! :(

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog!
    Wow this is so cute hello kitty's studio.^^
    I did not know that such a studio was in Japan!