Thursday, July 5, 2012


We took a quick weekend trip to Sydney to shop and eat. Mainly, we wanted to visit Kinokumiya, as there are virtually no book stores on the Gold Coast now, and definitely no Japanese book stores. I have a huge addiction to Japanese books, especially craft books. In fact, I think I own the biggest personal library of Japanese craft books in the world. Here's what I purchased....
Kawaii Stores in Stockholm - I love Scandinavian style, and I would love to visit Sweden one day. But if that day never comes, I can still do some arm chair travelling with editions Paumes books. I adore Paumes books. They focus on shops and interior design of various European countries. The photography is simply gorgeous. I have a small collection of them now.
This one is an adorable "how to draw" book, featuring some super sweet designs and ideas for making label and cards.
I also love Japanese women's magazines. This month's With comes with a handy tote bag and small zippered purse.

A bag pattern book. Can't have too many bag books.
Comic book for my nephew's birthday, not that he can read Japanese, but I'm sure he'll enjoy looking at the pictures.
Another Paumes book - my favourite subject: chocolate. Actually, I bought it for my daughter's art teacher. She was very interested in my other Paumes books my daughter uses for her art inspiration.
Deco sweets book - also for the art teacher. She had never heard of clay sweets until she had my daughter for her student.  Ok, this is bragging, I know, but it's my blog so I'll brag if I want to. My daughter is dux of art for midyear results. I hope she can keep up the high standard until the end of year. She is in her final year of school, and she really wants to be dux of art at the end of the year.
Midori paper craft products. These stickers and paper borders are to be stuck on the little gift cards. I love Midori products.

Sticky notes, note cards and deco tape.
 Beautiful note paper and envelopes.
 This edition of Elle a table comes with Laduree oven mitts!

Usagi note pad.
I love Kinokuniya. I could spend hours there. Go and visit if you are in Sydney.

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  1. I love the idea of travelling to another city mainly to eat and ... visit a bookshop! Best reason on earth to travel. Enjoy your books! ^^