Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Looking Forward to Holidays

I have just booked a holiday to Singapore; one of my favourite countries to visit. I thought I would try out the budget airline Scoot which offers some incredibly cheap airfares. I chose add ons of extra luggage allowance and extra legroom, but the fare was still very reasonable - half the price of what we paid when we first went there 6 years ago. I am happy to endure a cheap flight if it means more shopping money. Taking an overseas holiday is the only way I can get my workaholic husband to take a break. If we are out of the country he can't sneak into work.
I have heard it said that Singapore is too sterile, a concrete jungle with too many rules. But that is exactly what I love about the place.
Sterile= immaculately clean streets, no mosquitoes and no food poisoning.
Concrete jungle = Fantastic shopping opportunities, beautiful historical buildings and well maintained residences.
Rules = people are courteous, low crime rate and I can walk the streets without fear of being mugged (there were 8 armed hold ups within the last week where I live, one of which was across the road from my work. yay)
Other things I love about Singapore are the lush tropical gardens and of course the amazing array of food. I could eat all day and night and still never get to try everything on offer.  I especially love the hawker centres which sell cheap and tasty food.  Also the shopping mall food courts are fantastic. I'm not really one for fine dining, but there are plenty of those options too.
I also discovered that Legoland is opening in Johor Bahru this month, so we will definitely be taking a day trip there. My son is a Lego geek, so we are going to surprise him with the trip and pretend we are going on a shopping trip to Malaysia. 
I am also keen to visit the new Marina Bay Sands,  Resorts World and Gardens by the Bay. So much to see and do on one little island.
Singapore and Malaysia made from Lego!


  1. ENJOY! Especially that gorgeous food!

    PS: Are you going to hop across the border, maybe, to say hi to Malaysia? ^^

  2. oh yippee!!! :) have a blast!! and come hungryyyy!!!