Saturday, September 22, 2012

We Made it to the Grand Final !!!

My football team won the last elimination final this weekend and so they will now play in the AFL grand final next Saturday. The match last night caused much distress to Hawks fans as it was such a close match and we only won by 5 points. There were lots of missed goals which sent the Hawks Facebook page into pandamonium.
The home of AFL is the state of Victoria and I live  in Queensland, but I will still be doing my best to celebrate this week, The whole of Victoria becomes obsessed during grand final week with many festivities and ceremonies, plus a parade through the centre of Melbourne of the two competing teams.
You have to be extremely lucky to obtain a ticket to the game, but the match will be broadcast on television for the rest of Australia.
I'm considering decorating my house in Hawthorn colours. But if we lose the finals, I will be sulking for a year. I am a bad loser.
(pics from the hfc website)

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