Friday, January 18, 2013

Singapore 2013 - Orchard Road and Singapore Flyer

I love waking up in Singapore, and smelling all the food cooking and hearing the hustle of everyone on their way out to start the day. This was the view from our balcony; the Goodwood Park hotel.

This was the garden on the rooftop of the apartment. There was also a swimming pool.
Breakfast was at Ya Kun, a kaya toast cafe in the basement of the Far East Plaza mall below our apartment. I looove kaya toast and coffee for breakfast
Orchard Road still had some of the Christmas decorations up.
First stop was the enormous ION shopping mall. This place has all the major brands and a nice big open feel to it, even though it is underground. There are also some fab food outlets. Everything you could possibly need is here.
These shops are for window shopping only.
Lucky Plaza is an old original shopping centre. I remember going there as a child and thinking it was so exciting compared to shops back in Australia. Unfortunately, it isn;t in the ranks of the glitzy malls currently in operation, but it has a nice retro nostaligic feel to it.
next stop was Ngee Ann City, which is another massive mall on Orchard Road, home to my favourite store, Kinokuniya.
Lunch was in the food basement in Takashimaya. Roti prata is another of my Singaporean favourites. I highly recommend Takashimaya for its food stalls. There are all the Singapoean varieties as well as lots of Japanese goodies, Harrods, as supermarket and a lovely tea shop.
a quick swim back at the apartment.
Then it was off to the Singapore Flyer.
It's located not far from the Marina Bay Sands complex.
It's slightly terrifying riding in the flyer, especially when you reach the top, but worth the fear for the fantastic views.
This retro poster brings back memories. Do you know that when I was a little girl my dad would take me to Bruce Lee movies, which were extremely violent by anyone's standard. During the fight scenes I would close my eyes and cover my ears and pretend the punching sounds were  a tennis ball hitting a racket in a tennis match instead! I can't imagine taking my children to a violent kung fu movie, but I am proud/disturbed to say I have seen all of Bruce Lee's movies.
The day ended with pizza and pasta near our accommodation - a nice end to a busy, happy day.


  1. Oh I miss Singapore!! I really loved being there!
    It looks like you had the most amazing time, too!
    I'm hoping I can go back soon, as well as visit the Philippines, my home country! ^^
    Aw, that must have been harsh, watching Bruce Lee movies as a kid. -.-

    1. I kind of like Bruce Lee now. Enter the Dragon is my favourite film.

  2. Oh, good, another Singapore post!

    That hotel with the boat thingie on top is a weird building. Being a Tokyoite, I look at that and think, "Gaaa! What if there's an earthquake?" (@_@)

    PS: My dad didn't take me to Bruce Lee movies. He took me to rugby matches. I wonder who had the most violent childhood? :p

    1. Why do dads think little girls would enjoy such bloodthirsty entertainment?

  3. Replies
    1. Singapore has a great atmosphere at night.

  4. Singapore is a wonderful
    city c: I want to visit
    it someday!
    Love the outdoor pictures!


    1. You should definitely visit someday. I'm sure you would love it.

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