Monday, March 4, 2013


Miniland was probably the most impressive part of the park for me.
  An enormous amount of work and time has gone into creating these dioramas, representing various landmarks from around the world. As the park is in Malaysia, naturally Malaysian landmarks were highly in proportion.
There were also many scenes from around south east Asia. See how many you can identify.

A Lego wedding.


This is one of my favourites - a Lego rock  festival !

The Lego people get so hungry at the festival, but luckily there are Lego food stalls with lots of plastic food for them to eat.

 Look how much work has gone into creating these buildings. So impressive, don't you think? Does anyone know what building this is?
These mini trees are real.



Does anyone recognise this diorama? Obviously in Malaysia somewhere.

Look at the detail in these shop houses.


Plenty more Miniland pics to come. I hope you enjoy them!


  1. All of that is Lego?! (@_@) Your photos make me want to go there!

  2. My hubby wants to go to Legoland but not the one in hot, sunny Malaysia.

    But your photos sure made me wanna go there! :)

  3. Awwwesome Legoland!! I
    would love to see this c:


  4. The miniland at Lego land looks adorable! It must be so fun being able to build them but frustrating at the same time =P I've always wanted onto those crazy Lego set's but they're so pricey ><