Saturday, June 1, 2013


For those readers who enjoy looking at shopping hauls (as I do). Here are my purchases from Singapore, in no particular order. And, before you judge me for being materialistic, many of these were bought as gifts for up coming birthdays.
I saw many ladies in Singapore wearing these very comfortable looking flip flops. I finally found them at Footin in Vivo City, just as we were dashing to the airport. They are amazingly squishy and so comfy to wear. I wish I had bought more pairs now.
Some colourful handbags from Bugis Street Markets.

Tea from Chinatown, which I bought mainly for the gorgeous tins.
 Really love drinking this Raffles tea.
Various items of Japanese make-up.

Stationery from Kinokuniya.
The obligatory Japanese craft books from Kinokuniya. A girl can't have too many craft books. I've already made a couple of the Disney beaded creations, and about to start on sewing bag now.

 We are thinking about buying a puppy for our son and training it to become a diabetic alert dog.
 French craft magazines are also a favourite of mine.
 Gorgeous embroidered greeting cards from Tangs, which I plan to frame.
 Earrings from Forever 21
Ring from Denny at Singapore airport.
 My favourite Japanese shampoo - smells like peaches.

From Muji. Intend on using the acrylic storage container as a display case for my beaded cakes.
More shopping haul next post.


  1. Love the handbag colours :)

  2. I love the flip flops. (Don't you guys call it thongs?)

    And I spotted Rilakkuma! :D

  3. I LOVE shopping in Singapore! Great items, i especially like the tea tins.