Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Maya -1 week old

Maya's breeder sent me some photos of her, aged 1 week. She is starting to get her black border collie nose.

Here she is with her two brothers. Maya is the pup on the right. She is actually putting on weight faster than the boys, which is a good sign she is healthy.
And here is her Mum, just chilling and taking a break from childcare duties. Too much cuteness!
Only 6 weeks and 5 days until we adopt her.


  1. Oh she's so cute and she have my name :) haha !
    About the soy wrappers. I've bought them in Germany, Duesseldorf. In a japanese shop.
    On the package is this Internet site:
    Maybe you can order it there. If not please tell me, I will look for you in the shop in Duesseldorf.

  2. Too much cuteness. Let the countdown begin! I'm so excited for you.

  3. I feel like having had hair growing a little than a last photograph.
    Her nose is so cute!


  4. How adorable!!! Puppies are too sweet but I do have a confession, they sort of look like rats to me at this age, which to me isn't a bad thing since I think rats are adorable as well! This reminds me when I first got my dog, oh the memories!