Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hakuhinkan purchases

 I didn't go too overboard with my shopping here. I absolutely adore Hina Matsuri, so this miniature Re-Ment version was perfect for me.
 A beautiful 3D card.

 Another beautiful card.

Assorted little toys for the Disney lovers back home.


  1. Love the rikisha kewpie strap(?) that you bought there. :)

  2. The cards in Japan are amazing and such great detail :)

    Japan Australia

  3. Hi! Do you like Hina Maturi Song?
    I listened this song many times when I was young

  4. The 3D card is so beautifully detailed! And the re-ment will look lovely on display~

  5. Hi, Lisa!
    You got amazing Hina Matsuri Board!
    I didn't know it.
    Today is Hinamatsuri!
    I will have a Hina Cake after dinner!

    akiko in Tokyo

  6. Reading your post brought a smile to my already wrinkling face... light-hearted and pleasing, I must say...

    PS: Lisa, sorry to sound a bit nosy... but may I suggest that you switch off the word verification requirement and select the moderation option?
    This will facilitate easier commenting by your readers, I am sure... my apologies if I have overstepped my boundaries... ;)

  7. I will have a look. I'm not very good at settings on the internet

  8. These are really cute Hina Matsuri crafts! You must like dolls. I love looking at the interesting faces on Hina Matsuri dolls, particularly older ones.