Monday, March 12, 2012

Ito-ya Paper Store - Ginza

Ito-ya is a really wonderful stationery and paper goods store. I think the largest branch is in Ginza. If you love paper or art supplies, then this is the store for you.

I really like this artist,  Miyuki Sugihara. She paints amazing watercolours. I have a couple of her other books also.

Her books teach how to paint with watercolour pencils.  If only it were that easy.
I love the way she illustrates everyday objects so beautifully.
 My favourite part of Ito-ya has to be the washi department. Washi is the paper equivalent of chirimen. I love the intricate designs and the crinkled texture.

 I hope to make some 3d Japanese paper dolls with these.  My problem is, I hate to cut it up.  I'm happy enough just looking at it. Some designs are so beautiful, they could simply be framed and hung on the wall as a piece of art in it's own right.
Ito-ya is also a good place to purchase gifts to take back home, or stock up on some gorgeous birthday cards.  They do offer sales tax refunds, so remember to bring your passport along.  There is a small branch in the Tokyu Department store at the Shibuya crossing area.


  1. I took my niece here! She spent an hour browsing while I waited in a nearby Doutor with a café mocha and a book! ^^

  2. This is unbelievably beautiful and artistic!!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. So many cute things!
    I'm dying to go visit that shop ^^
    Thank you for the great tip! <3

  4. And thank you for stopping by and subscribing;-)

  5. I love Japanese stationary and paper!! I will always stop by a store that sells cute stationary, cards, etc. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog, I really enjoy surfing through your Japan adventures - -Made me feel like I was there too!