Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mark City - Shibuya

Mark City Mall is right next door to the Tokyu Excel hotel where we stayed. It is very handy for a traveller to be able to run next door to buy food and necessities without having to go outside. This mall also connects to the Shibuya station. It is home to some yummy eateries, but sadly we did not have enough time to try them all.
Of course, we tried the ice creamery.
There are many lovely cafes full of sugary delights.
We had breakfast many mornings at Jean Francois bakery. It  does great coffee and a large selection of savoury and sweet baked goods.  Very highly recommended. Bakeries are great for breakfast, as they are inexpensive and plentiful over Tokyo. Too many choices.
Chinese cusine.
This sushi restaurant is extremely popular. Each night there is a long queue of at least 50 people down the hallway waiting for a table.
We really wanted to try this pizza restaurant, but ran out of time.

Delicious plastic food.
This tonkatsu place always looked inviting. Deep fried pork - what could be more delicious than that?
We ate at this restaurant, Korakuen, every second night.  It is really cheap, has fast table service and yummy hot food.

 It serves simple ramen and rice dishes, along with gyouza. I think it may be open 24 hours.
 After dinner, we went for a stroll up Dogenzaka  to stock up at the konbini.  It didn't occur to me until later on that this was "Love Hotel Hill" !

You just can't beat Shibuya for a cheap tasty meal. I would love to eat my way around Shibuya, but then I would be enormous.  Still, it is a tempting thought.


  1. awww the food looks so good! you're making me hungry haha :P

  2. That is very handy and the food looks really good :)

    Japan Australia

  3. It is said that Shibuwa is the town for young generation. How did you feel?

  4. Looks like a wonderful trip, thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi, Lisa!
    I ate bread at Jean Francois bakery 3 days ago!
    You had a breakfast, it is very great!!!
    I want to go there when I get up early.

    akiko in Tokyo