Monday, October 31, 2011


 There are many wonderful little shops to visit on the road leading up to Ginkakuji (the Silver Pavillion). I loved all of them, but especially the ones selling chirimen and fabirc goods...but no time to look in all of them.
 Sweets, cakes and crackers are very popular souvenirs (omiage)
 What I found surprising was there are actually residential houses in amongst these touristy shops.  I guess tourist think of all these world heritage sites as merely sight seeing destinations, but all these temples are actually in active use for people wanting to come and pray.  And they are set amongst people's homes.  I wonder what it would be like to live in amongst the touristy parts of town.

 Kyotoites sure do adore green tea! They put it in everything; cakes, ice cream, drinks and cream puffs. And there was a very strong smell of green tea in the air in many of the places we visited.

 This is the entrance to Ginkakuji.  All the structures were magnificent and imposing.
 Look at the symmetry of this hedge.  The gardens here were enormous, but immaculately manicured.
A beautiful bamboo grove.

 I found all the architectural elements fascinating.  The work that went into building these structures is truly mindboggling.
 And the sand structures..absolutely perfect.  This one is meant to represent Mt Fuji I think.
And here it is - Ginkakuji! Only it isn't silver, but still beautiful. More photos to come.


  1. I do so want to go and walk around the bamboo groove. :)

  2. Thank you for the delightful comment<3
    I love powdered green tea.
    Was your mouth suited?

  3. Indeed a very beautiful place, i used to live there for quite a while just around two blocks away from Ginkakuji. Even jogging every morning along the "Tetsugaku no Michi" (哲学の道, Path of the Philosopher was very relaxing, with some craftsman shops there.I remember tehre was a store which used to sell cat items because the owner was a cat lover and several at her shop sitting around.

    Even more beautiful during Sakura Season.

    Did you try some of teh Tea ?

  4. It would have been amazing to live there. Path of Philosophy coming up in my next post.