Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 Next we walked to Pontocho and Gion-the famous historical part of Kyoto. Pontocho runs along the Kama-gawa. The river was flowing rapidly after the typhoon.  Many people were strolling along the river or just sitting on the banks.

 There are many quaint and traditional buildings in Gion.  I wonder what they are like inside?

 I have to admit though, Gion is kind of creepy at night.  It's dark and quiet, but somehow still alluring.  I would have liked to walk further into the streets, but someone's husband was getting impatient so I wasn't able.  I would like to visit this area during the daytime on my next visit.  Apparently during sakura season it is quite spectacular.
I love the weeping willows along the canal.   It really is a beautiful area, and the Japan most people picture in their minds.

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  1. I love both Pontocho and Gion -- their atmospheres are so different, yet so wonderful!