Monday, October 3, 2011

SHIBUYA - part 1(Japan Trip 2011)

We started our day with a little children's TV.  Of course, it had to be cute.

 Then it was off to our favourite French bakery, Jean Francois, for breakfast.  I find that bakeries and cafes are the most economical places to have breakfast in Japan, not to mention they have a delicious array of bad carbohydrates (the best sort!)
 This bakery in located in Mark City, a shopping centre attached to our hotel, Tokyu Excel, Shibuya.

I alway enjoy browsing the Japanese convenience stores. They are much more interesting than Australian ones.  For instance, look at all these fabulous magazines for only 600-700 yen. And they all come with free gifts. Do you think I bought any??
I also love the food and beverage packaging. So much variety and drinks I have never seen before.
And, they actually sell some decent food, such as sushi, noodles and sandwiches. You are never far from good food in Tokyo.
And the array of cakes and pastries! Such variety, and so cheap.
This shop was called "Sunkus" and it is located in Mark City.  We went there every day for supplies of drinks and ice cream.
Next installment tomorrow.


  1. i love browsing Japanese convenience stores too!
    Shibuya is really cool! too bad, I was only there for less than an hour! but seeing Hachiko made my day! :)