Thursday, October 6, 2011


 I found La Droguerie inside Seibu Department store.  It was just a small store, and I didn't buy anything as I had planned to visit the large Harajuku branch (which ended in tears) I'll get to that later. Also in Seibu next to this was "100 Idees" - a fabric and craft store.  It was lovely, but I decided to save my yen for some other craft stores.  There was also a book store on this level selling many craft books.

 In side "0101 Jam", I visited "Seria" which is a lovely 100 yen store.  It sells some very nice homewares and craft supplies, and I ended up shopping here three times. Have a look at their website.
Cute display in the Disney Store window.

Fabrics inYuzawaya.

Snacks from Sunkus.
This shampoo and conditioner smells divine.
Jewellery and a couple of tops from Forever 21.

Stickers from Loft.

More purchases to show you tomorrow.


  1. Shibuya is a great area to visit in Tokyo and is famous for people watching and shopping :)

    Japan Australia

  2. Oh no! I tried to find La Droguerie in Harajuku last week and I thought I was lost, but perhaps it disappeared?! I'm so happy to hear you found one in Seibu. I love all the photos! Looks like you had an amazing trip!!