Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Low Carb New Years

 We stayed in on New Year's Eve with our puppy Maya. I used some leftover Christmas ham to make a low carb pizza. I also made a chicken avocado one.  The recipe for the pizza base comes from my favourite cooking website at the moment; All day I dream about food. The author is a mum with diabetes, and she creates some absolutely delicious low carb recipes.


 Beef satay sticks. I am half Malaysian, so I LOVE satay. I won't say mine is as authentic as Malaysian hawker food, but it is still delicious. The only thing we couldn't eat with it is the rice cakes, but cucumber dipped in the sauce is just as yummy, yet without the carbs. Cucumber is a traditional accompaniment.
Chicken wings.
Maya has learnt the high and low alert signal - now it's time to pair it up with the scent training.

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  1. hmmmm looks yummy!! i can't even tell that they're low carb and will happily have it ALL!